Rolling Stoneworks Landscape Design

Bird Baths and More

     We are now offering some wonderful handcrafted items!  Harvesting natural stone and young trees from our heavily wooded forest, we are creating a variety of useful and decorative items.

     We have created a variety of cut stone bird baths, feeders and sundials. 

We have a variety of shapes and sizes.  A stone bird bath is a beautiful complement to any garden and the birds love them.  A stone sun dial is also a wonderful addition. Bird baths are carved out to included various levels to suit every size bird.

     A variety of heart shaped stones make a wonderful gift. Each has a unique shape and color.

   Adirondack Walking Stick


      Do you enjoy hiking or snow shoeing?  Hiking and back packing is fun for everyone.  A good walking stick is essential for rugged terrain and our beautiful creations make a wonderful and unique wall decoration too!

     These handcrafted hardwood walking sticks are made from the trunks of young White Ash, Maple and Thorn Apple trees.  They are harvested from our heavily wooded private forest in the northern region of eastern New York State.

     Heavy canopy and wild grape vine growing in the forests have caused many small trees to bend and twist.  Wild grape vines are the more powerful force as they wrap themselves around trees like giant snakes.  These young trees become their stairway to the sun above the canopy of the mature trees.

     Each stick is unique!  They have hand carved comfort groves to reduce hand slippage and are treated with water based stain and finish.  Each features a recycled car tire foot for a soft set with great grip for the serious hiker or snow shoer.

     Choose a stick that fits your hand hold heigt.  The weight and overall length should fit individually. We even have walking sticks suitable for youth hikers.